New Books


Land of Gehenna (short story)

 A failing colony sends the last heir of Captain Hunt to bring water and life back to his people. His enemies are wraiths, aliens with watery forms. This is a short story. Also added is a bonus story, White Snows of Russia




The Green Knight Terraforming Company (short story)

Most customers are extremely satisfied with the job The Green Knight Terraforming Company does to refurbish their planets. However, when there is a problem and a customer complains, then the human Joe called Tiny by his team is the person who's sent to solve the customer's problems. Joe's backup muscle, Donald, is there for those tiny problems like when Joe touches before he looks.

Joe, Donald, the lab animals, and pilot drones are a rollicking bunch of troubleshooters. One hundred percent guaranteed to fix any customer problem or if that doesn't work-- fix the customer.

This short story is in the Green Knight Terraforming Company universe. (Kindle)



Urban Werewolf: EJ Hunter's World (Fantasy) Ebook

John, a mechanic, meets Tina when she arrives at the shop to fix the copier machine in the office. For the first time in years, John is fascinated with this woman. There is something different about her that appeals to his werewolf heart. But Tina has secrets and when her son is kidnapped, John calls on the pack to rescue her son.

EJ Hunter's world novella, 10,000 words (Kindle)



Smoke & Mirrors (a short story collection) Ebook and Trade paperback

There is an underworld that normals do not see with their eyes. They have lost the terror and the wonder that they once knew as children.  
In this short story collection there are eleven stories and one bonus story of ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and other nasties that live in our world. Read if you dare. (Kindle)

CreateSpace (Trade Paperback) (Trade Paperback

Ghostly Glimmers II (a collection of short stories) Ebook

A collection of five supernatural short stories fit for the Halloween season. This collection includes "The Ghost Horse," "On the Mystery Train," "Spare me a Dime,"The Birds Know," and "The Thing Under the Bed." (Kindle)

CreateSpace (Trade Paperbook) (Trade Paperback)