Halloween Costumes

You know. Halloween was my favorite holiday when I was growing up. We would make carmel popcorn balls. Buy M&M candies and other goodies. We would pull out the moldy box of costumes and pick out our favorites.

I was either a gypsy or a pirate. When I was ten, I would dress up in the gypsy costume. Mother would smear red lipstick on my lips. I would sway down the hall, hoping someone would see how “grown-up” I was. (or was getting). We would stand on stage and the our peers would pick their favorite costumes.

So today is October 1st. In 30 more days, you will be scratching your head, wondering what kind of costume your boy or girl will want… a toga? (bedsheet) or what you have time to make, buy, or steal. You know that all the best Halloween Costumes will be gone and you’ll be picking through the scraps three days before the big day.

So why not try something else. This website has Halloween Costumes for the boy or girl who are mad for NFL sports.

You can pick his (or hers) favorite team. Your kid’s NFL Football outfit comes complete with jersey, pants and helmet, is packaged in its own box. Even better you can you can use them as pajamas after the Halloween party.

So, check it out. Finding the right costume could be easy this year.