Talk Thursday: Desire

I was wandering through my blogroll and stepped into Sideon Sanctuary’s post on Desire. Oh yea, baby, I was entranced. It took me back to the days of being a sailor in the U.S. Navy, working in NSGA as a CTM. (Translation: NSGA is Naval Security Group Activity; CTM is Cryptologic Technician Maintenance.)

I was in Japan and if I had a Saturday off (I worked a really weird shift), I would go to the club to dance. I would dance by myself or with my friends until the sweat would pour down my hair and back. I was full of joy.

One day, I had just come off the dance floor when a Marine who had been watching me grabbed my arm at the elbow and turned me to him. I was amazed at the adaucity of this young man. I was at least five years older at thirty.

There was none of the careful dance between two people as they get to know each other. There was no “can I buy you a drink or let’s go to dinner.” No, he just kissed me.

I am not the type of person that you just kiss. I can be forbidding. I can hurt you. One time, when a young sailor tried to hug me from behind and pull me to him, I dropped him with one hand movement.

But this time, I just laughed. I pulled away and kept on dancing.