How to Make a Sandwich

When I was growing up, learning to make a great sandwich was a survival technique. I got really good at laying out the bread and then slathering peanut butter. I would pass out the sandwiches to each of my brothers. The girls had already grabbed theirs.

Today, I have a lot more to work with in making this delectable food item.

Instead of making the bread, (we even ground the flour), I can buy some at the store.  Check. I have bread rolls… even better.

Then, instead of making my own mayonnaise, I can grab a bottle of Best Buy mayonnaise from my favorite grocery store. Check. Yep, I do have it.

Also, fixin’s. Fixin’s are anything I want to put on the sandwich. It could be bologna, mustard, tomatoes, cheese, or anything else that I am craving. Today, I have bologna, mustard, mayonnaise, and a tomato.

Then assemble. If you haven’t figured out how to assemble the sandwich, you won’t get any instructions here.

Slap. Slap. Slap. Viola, it’s done.

What? You want a peanut butter sandwich?!?! Make your own.