Sunday Scribblings: Future of the Planet

With the pushes towards the concept of global warming from the news agencies and documentary movie makers, it would seem to the average person that the future of the planet is in jeopardy. Personally, I think that the earth is fine. That it will continue for several million years with cycles of warming and cooling.

I wonder what our news agencies would have said during the last Ice Age.

What is propably in real jeopardy is the future of homo sapiens.

Let me take you back to a planet during the dinosaur age. Homo sapiens were huddled in caves, hunting during safe times (nocturnal?), and doing other strategic survival tactics. Today, homo sapiens rules the outer skin of the world (and some of the inner skin). However, we still cannot predict earthquakes (I think of them as earth skin shudders.. maybe pimples). We cannot predict where a hurricane will land. And, we cannot stop a hit to the earth.

So in about ten thousand years, I wonder who or what will be making political, social, and medical advances. Will it be cockroaches?

We won’t be here to find out.

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