Memoirs: Serenity

My parents were active church members with the LDS church when I was growing up. Each Sunday we would sit on a wooden bench and would be expected not to squirm, during the services. The meeting schedules were not as rigorous as the schedules they have today.

In the morning we would go to Sunday school. We would split into children and adult courses. The men and women would split into their own classes. As children, we were encouraged to ask questions. We were loud and noisy. At ten I was at the age where we would look at the boys from the corners of our eyes. If the boys looked back we would yell about cooties and other nasty stuff.

At night when we came back for Sacrament meeting, it was a different story. Many of the families left their children at home so that they could take the sacrament in peace. But, my parents took all of us with them. The youngest was squirmy and whiney. We would pull him out of his small crib and dress him for church. The baby, he was a baby, just wanted to go back to his nap.

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