Memoirs: Death

On May 10th, 2008 I had one of those days when I emotionally went up, up, up and then crashed. If I had ever experienced bi-polar disease, I would think it would feel like this. Let me explain.

My hubby and I go for a walk in the evening to pickup the mail in the post boxes near the apartment main office. It is a time for me to stretch my legs. We talk about our day. The hubby tries not to upset me with work related stuff. I try not to upset him with the antics of our next door neighbor. We always make a stop near the Hawk tree.

For the last few weeks a red-tail hawk pair have been raising a couple of chicks. There were three, but one fell out of the nest during one of our high winds. It was saved, we think, by a guy who claims to save wild birds and animals. I don’t know how he can do it without a license and in a small apartment. Because I made a brouhaha, the manager told him to send the chick to a wild-life refuge. But, that is another story. Let’s just say that he did it.

Anyway, we watch the hawks fly in with small mice and other meat that they stuff down the chicks mouths. The chicks work on their steely-eyed stairs, and we laugh because they are not as scary as their parents. The parents watch indulgently.

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