Memoirs: Internet

I remember when the public could not access the internet.

When I was researching my first paper in the early 1980s, the internet was a research tool between universities and the government. The only way an ordinary person like myself could use this mysterious service was to walk into the State library, write a request on a piece of paper, and wait for about two hours for the request to be fulfilled. I spent the time looking through the library books for information. Even then I had to pay to have some pages copied for my research. I think it cost me almost ten dollars, which was a lot then.

When I went back to the little window to pick up my information, I could see this huge room filled with metal boxes that reached the ceiling. I didn’t know then, but I was seeing one computer. My information came on computer paper lined in light green. With the combination of the information from the interlinking computer network and library books, I was able to write a fine research paper.

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