The Hawks have fled

Well we have been watching a pair of red-tailed hawks raising their chicks. It was quite an experience, especially because the hawks are so big and they had a huge nest in the middle of our apartment complex.

We had to run off a few hooligans in our neighborhood because they would stand below the fir tree and throw rocks at the hawks. I was amazed that the hawks didn’t attack them. Dumb idiots. But, it might have helped because the young men couldn’t throw high enough.

Eventually, the hawks fletched and now they are flying around the neighborhood, terrorizing the quail. It is good to see some nature up close. We saw them flying through the old growth cottonwoods, being chased by scrub jays. And then the scrub jays were chased by the chickadees and finches. It has been a lovely spring.

Anyway, I am happy to report that in Carson City, population 50,000, the wildlife are still wandering the neighborhood. Last night one of the government folks who showed up for a state-wide exercise almost walked into a Great-Horned Owl. The owl spread its wings and the gov. person went back inside. And yes, we do have bear and coyotes wandering the city.