Erika T. Red

I just finished publishing Erika T. Red on Smashwords as an ebook. You can find me as Cyn Bagley.

Self-publishing is becoming more acceptable since Amazon, Borders, and other booksellers have started the ebook revolution. I first became interested in this type of publishing when I began to read J.R. Rain. He just finished a collaborated ebook with Piers Anthony. I have always liked Piers books so I was impressed that JR Rain had the opportunity to write with him. Plus Rain has self-published all of his books so far.

I have to admit that my CW could still use an editor’s touch, but I have done the very best job I could while taking chemo. I am uploading another book to smashwords called Shira and then I will continue to finish my book Conjure man.

Since I can see them in digital print, I have more energy to complete my writings.

Thanks Smashwords. You are the greatest.