Indie Author

Okay, I am now an official indie author with Smashwords. You can find my profile with my contributions to the book world here.

My collection of flash fiction “I’m A Flasher”: Individual pieces are previously published on Also “Shira: Hero of Corsindor” has some excerpts on Helium too. (not under that name- but you can find them under my author name)

So yes, I am having a blast. You can have a blast too if you are so inclined in becoming an indie.

Since I now have this group published, I am working on “Conjure Man” (a book I stopped in the middle cause it made me too scared) plus I will put my poetry about Wegener’s Granulomatosis on Smashwords with pictures (still working on the formatting) for free. Please donate to the Vasculitis Foundation. They are the only group that really cares what happens to the vasculitis patients. And yes, the money goes for research.

So come by. I give out free samples (20 percent). And if you like it, buy it.