Sweet – Sunday Scribblings

Sweet doesn’t have that good positive ring to my ears. Other people view sweet as positive rush of serotonin as they eat cakes, candies, and other sweets. No, sweet to me means saccharine. That cloying smile of someone who is ready to lie to you if you’d just believe the smile.

Or when a sweet melts into the tongue and you can’t get it out as you taste corruption as the base of the sweet. I find that certain fake sugars make me feel that way.

I do allow a few sweets in my mouth like chocolate or honey. Sometimes I will take a dab of sugar and place it on my tongue. I like brown sugar the best. But all in all, sugar and sweets are not my thing. And yes, I miss my thing like salt and vinegar potato chips. Or salted anything.

With my kidneys being compromised, salt is one of the things that I am not allowed to have in excess. I do remember the days when my dad would put up big blocks of red salt around the property for the cows to lick. Sometimes I would chip off a chunk and lick it for days. It was better than candy. I don’t know why I craved salt then and even now. I just do.

And sweet – I had to laugh when my thirty-five year old brother started using “sweet” as an exclamation word. “Sweet,” he would say when he saw a car, horse, house, motorcycle that he liked. It just was incongruous to hear that word coming out of a man’s mouth.

I think I have pretty much exhausted this subject except that I learned early on as a young child the difference between a real smile and a saccharine smile. I hear that women and girls are sensitive to such things. What I know is that when my mother started with the saccharine, it was time to disappear.

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