Partly Retired

Circus animals came to this zoo
to spend the rest of their lives
in relative peace

Lions would roar in the dawn –
we could hear them from the house
three miles away

The tiger isolated in a big cage
would watch the children run
and play

The children had no idea
the tiger was dreaming
of fresh blood and running meat

Does it say something of me
as I draw word pictures
that I connect with predators

more than prey?

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What inspired me to write this poem: Well, I was in the middle of getting my degree in English Literature, when I found this little zoo for retired circus animals. I used to come there to watch the animals, the kids, and relax. This particular poem was written after a word associated from Writer’s Digest poetry, ummm director?, where he asked us to write a poem with a heading “Partly and then your addition.” Of course I remembered the lions and tigers.