Hidden in the Sierras

Hidden in the Sierras is a short story I wrote for Halloween with a paranormal twist. Bertha who is the protagonist comes from a were-bear clan in the Sierras not too far from Lake Tahoe. Since the Native Americans in the West and North call bears brother, it added more juice to the story.

Also where I live, bears come down from the Sierras and wander the valley. Before Carson City was formed, bears would wander through the valleys and then the peaks to eat certain types of plants and animals. At the end of the year they would hibernate. Nowadays there are so many people living in the mountains and valleys near the Sierras that the bears scare quite a few people and can be quite dangerous. There are hunters assigned to kill certain bears who stray out of their territories and into people territories.

When I wrote this story I did some what-ifs. What-if the bears could turn into people, what-if they had their own society, and what-if the government knew about them.

I grew up with a foster child with a Navajo-Hopi heritage. I am still fascinated with the stories she used to tell us. Plus I was born in Northwest Canada in a reservation hospital in Bella Coola. In my teens I lived near a reservation in Northeast Utah that belonged to the Utes. Each culture has its own stories.

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