A Desert Rescue

This ebook is short story about “Living in the desert,” which is a collection of short stories I will be putting together soon. In this story, Jude Potter, a desert rat, rescues a couple of tourists from the desert.

My inspiration: Well, thank you to all of the tourists that come to Nevada and the casinos and who want to learn more about our gold mines and ghost towns because this one is for you. Every year we have cautionary tales of people who go into the desert without water. It is a dangerous practice and doesn’t always turn out as well as this story.

The cover: I took this picture in 2009 over the Humboldt salt flats on a trip to one of our smaller towns. The sky in this picture is really that blue.

I noticed because I am an avid reader that there are not too many modern stories written about the Western deserts. My parents moved to the Utah high-desert when I was young, and my sister and I used to play during the summer outside on our ponies. We would stop by the canals and ditches used for irrigation and drink the water. And yes, the water was silty. We used to jump in the water to cool off when the temperatures rose into the 90s.

The deserts in Northern Nevada, which are the basis of many of my stories, are very similar to the desert of my youth. The heat, the dryness, and the dangers of dehydration are very real when you live in that environment. Still there are animals, birds, and people who love this land. I try and write about them.

This short story can be found on Kindle and Smashwords.