In the Time of Water

As the world aged, the American deserts became hotter and hotter until they became similar to the the dune deserts of the Sahara. Alice hauls five gallons of water to her village on the edge of the desert. Without her water, the village people may not survive.

It is a short story of desert and survival.

My inspiration: This story was written for an online assignment about a year ago. It also helped that I wrote it in the middle of summer when we get 100 degree F heat. As I have pointed out before in my stories, water is gold in the desert. When I read about deserts, especially the Sahara and Death Valley, sand deserts tend to expand.
I have to admit that high-deserts are not quite the same. They do have plants and animals. I am not saying that the Sahara doesn’t have plants and animals, but they seemed to be localized in oasis (can’t remember how to pluralize this word) and where there is water.

So when I write about the desert, even high-deserts, I always come back to water.

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