The Grotto

Ebook Description: Another short story in the “living in the desert” series. 

Adelia loves to wander the desert at night. She meets a boy, Raven, who is lost in a desert grotto. Instead of helping him get home, she treats Raven like an imaginary playmate. It isn’t until her brother follows her and meets Raven that Adelia learns that her selfishness has consequences. A coming of age short story.

My inspiration: This particular story I wrote when I was first learning the fiction short story form. I had just finished with a BA in English Literature and I wanted to write. In my “living in the desert” series one of the silent characters is the desert. 

In many mystic type religions, the desert was the place where a man (or woman) could get closer to the divine spark. The desert is a harsh place if you are not prepared. There is a timelessness of the desert that is not found in other places. It took me a few years to appreciate its beauty.

When I think of occurrences that are beyond our understanding, I end up writing about the desert. 

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