It’s All About Survival

Ebook Description: Chrissie ends up doing Randy’s chores, Randy is her brother, when Chrissie is faced with a life and death situation. Another story from the “living in the desert” series.

My inspiration: When I was a young girl living on a Ute Indian Ranch, our neighbor’s daughter had a run-in with an old cougar. She was scratched up and very scared. Her brother heard the cougar’s scream and rushed out in time to kill the cougar. The cougar’s teeth were old and broken and it didn’t have the strength to catch faster prey. It was the first cougar in my experience to go after a human. So this experience was the basis of this story.

In my version, this “living in the desert” story has turned into a “coming of age” story and of how this experience changes Chrissie’s attitude about her life. 

In my experience, after living in the desert in my youth, there are so many things that are wonderful and in the opposite, there are so many things that can kill you. I have laid in the grass watching twin fawns nursing on their mother. I have also seen a moose and calf. The moose was ready to charge us if we got any closer. 

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