She Called It, Wolf

EJ Hunter comes home from Afghanistan when her unit is slaughtered by a man in cammies with an M16. They were sitting ducks. In a rage, she changes into a wolf and rips his throat out. The Army decides to give EJ an honorable discharge and send her home.

At home in Felony Flats, Nevada, her uncle, a Vietnam War Vet, dies leaving her a small piece of land, a silver bullet trailer, and a gold mine. She meets Sheriff Adam, who is also the alpha of the were-wolf pack.

There is a government researcher who is researching were-wolf DNA in hopes of making super soldiers, kidnapped children, and a were-cat. Also, EJ discovers that she is different from the pack. She can shift into other forms besides the wolf.

The story has elements of the West, paranormal, and mystery. It is the first of several stories about a were-wolf clan who is trying to survive in the Nevada desert.

Thanks to my beta readers: Steve Evans and Stan Grimes. Steve pointed out that I really like to use “and” and “but” way too often. Plus Steve,  a Chindi is a Navajo hungry ghost. They are quite scary and are comparable to Japanese ghosts.

You can find this ebook on Amazon Kindle.