The Hunter Genodynamic is reactive, adversarial, and opportunistic – basically a phenomenal combination for survival.

I have been on a discovery of my genetic genealogy since my hubby and I decided to do a DNA test. He was able to do the dual mtDNA and yDNA and because I am a woman I could only do the mtDNA.

As you probably know from high school science there are two strips of DNA that are given to you when you are conceived – one set comes from the father and one from the mother. The mtDNA is only passed through the woman to her children. Only her daughters can continue to pass this DNA a long.

So I did a full sequence DNA at Family Tree DNA and found that U5b2 (group and subclade) is the mtDNA of the women in my family. It also means that my phenotype (body characteristics) match my genotype. The phenotype does not always match the genotype.

The farther north you go in Europe, the more U’s you find (and my U5b2). Since I have a paper trail going to England, northern Germany, Denmark, and Norway, I was not surprised at this finding.

This is one of the older subclades in Europe. They were a hunter-gatherer people who became the warriors (at least if my genealogy is true – two of my lines go through the Dane and Norwegian king lines). Also we think we are related to Erik the Red and other famous figures in Scandinavian history.

These people didn’t like to farm and were hunting at the same time other people came who were the farmers and creators (haplogroup H). My hubby’s mtDNA is in that group.

So it wasn’t a surprise, but it was a confirmation. I thought that my mother’s line would be less Scandinavian and more English. Funny how that turns out.

Update: Just received my FSG mtDNA – U5b2a2b1 –
If you have the same, don’t be shy. We can check our genealogy and figure out how we are related. 😉 Plus my line was starting a mutation that is usually in a1. We’ll check it too.