Flash Fiction – A Lonely Road

It’s a lonely road when the heart wants what the heart wants.

Milly pressed against the fence that guarded the viewers from wayward balls and watched the boys play. Her brother, Ed, had placed her right where she could see the action. “Stay,” he said, like he would say to a small pet.

Milly stayed. She was dressed in her favorite shirt and shorts, bright pink. Ed had helped her brush her hair and place a ribbon that matched her clothes in her pony tail. Her smile thanked Ed and she had placed her hand in his when they walked to the ballpark.

The boys played, hard, fast, and rough. Every time there was a good hit or a good catch, Milly would clap her hands. It soon became apparent to the boys that Milly liked Kent. Kent was tall, browned, and starting to show the musculature that would make him a handsome man. Every time he hit or caught the ball, Milly would clap, jump up and down, and smile. Her little face beamed.

Sometimes Ed would make sure that her pink hat had not fallen from her head. He would bring her water. But she would spend the entire time at the same spot.

Of course, Kent would get teased about his new girlfriend. They would slap him on the back, “good catch.” And then “your girlfriend liked it.” Kent laughed, took it in stride, but never glanced at the girl who watched him.

Even though the heart wants what the heart wants, Down Syndrome girls don’t get to play.