Free Fiction Monday – Ogre hunger

“Step, Step, Lunge,” bellowed the ogre captain as he watched the recruits go through ogre training. His gray-skinned warted-head with a long boar-like nose and large yellow-tusks nodded in approval as one or two of the ogres broke their spears. They were strong defenders of the ogre homeland with not a thought in their heads. They would listen to their betters.

The scene would have been perfect except for the one small human-looking ogre in their midst. The ogre didn’t have the beautiful black hair along his arms and shoulders. He didn’t have the large stomach and he looked enough like a human that some of the ogres around him looked at him hungrily.

It was one of the reasons the Ogre Overlords had decided to train the recruits in the largest training program in history. They needed food, and the best food was the soft human flesh. It made the ogre captain hungry just to think about it.

“Step, Step, Lunge,” he bellowed, keeping the ogres together was a huge advantage. They weren’t normally pack animals. It would take years of training to overcome their instincts. They didn’t have years before the humans found out their little secret. They only had days.

The captain stepped between the ogres and the semi-ogre when one of the ogres tried to grab the semi-ogre in a move that made the captain want to roar with approval. Instead he pulled the semi-ogre out of the pack of undisciplined soldiers, told his second to continue training, and dragged the semi-ogre across the stony ground. The semi-ogre’s head bumped across a few of the rocks, but he was an ogre so he’d be fine.

The captain dropped the semi-ogre in front of the Ogre Overloads. “Here’s one,” and then the captain marched off to his ogres.

One of the larger ogres poked the semi-ogre. “He’ll do,” he grunted to the others.
“Get up,” he told the semi-ogre. “Time for training.”

The gray-skinned almost human-looking ogre hung his head in deference to them.

It would be hard. It would be dangerous. They would have to make sure that this semi-ogre was hungry like the rest. His job would be to open the gates protecting the human homes.

“Arg,” the Ogre Overload, showed his tusks. The plan would succeed. The humans didn’t have a chance.