Free Fiction Monday – Case of the Sleepwalking Burglar

Case 20145BA

That morning we received a call from the Baylor household. There had been a robbery while they slept in the house. When my partner, Officer “Red” Johnson, and I, reached the Baylor house, Red gave me a serious look.

“Do you think it is the same criminal that have burglarized the other homes?”

I didn’t answer, got out of the car, and approached the door. Mrs. Baylor was at the door and opened it as soon as we walked on the porch.

“This is Officer Johnson and I am Officer Smith. Has anyone in your family been prescribed with sleeping pills?”

“Funny that you should ask,” said Mrs. Baylor. “My daughter has been having problems with insomnia. The doctor has prescribed her with sleeping pills.”

“Is the doctor’s last name Lathron?”

The surprised look on Mrs. Baylor’s face was answer enough. We explained to her that her daughter had probably been sleep walking on those pills and that if they went down to the local pawn shop, that they would find their TVs and other electronics.

We asked for the pills and put them in an evidence bag. We left the Baylor’s house and went to the pawn shop. On the security tapes we saw the doctor and the Baylor’s daughter dragging in electronics and pawning them. I informed the pawn shop owner that the family would be over to pick up their things.

According to the pawn shop owner, the doctor had taken the money from the girl when they walked out the door. Just like the other burglaries. I pulled out my smart phone and asked for the doctor’s office address.

After taking us through the worst section of town, we found the office. Lucky for us, Doctor Lathron was still in his office packing his things.

He would be gone for a long stay in State prison.

Case closed.