Free Fiction Monday – The Thing Under the Bed

If she wasn’t my daughter, I wouldn’t handle the shrill whining coming from her mouth. As it was I barely noticed what she said until she shoved her new smart phone under my nose with a picture.

“Mom,” she said. “It’s under my bed. You have to get it out.”

I saw a few white limbs on the picture. It was probably her friends posing so that I would actually believe that at fourteen, she had a thing under her bed, touching her feet. I sighed. She had never gone through the monster period when she was little. Maybe it was one of those things that children, or teenagers in her case, needed to go through.

I nodded my head absently. “Mom,” she whined again. “You’re not listening to me.”

No, I wasn’t. I was trying to get the bills to match up with the money from our jobs. The more my husband and I worked, the less money we seemed to have to cover the things our daughter wanted or needed.

“Look,” I said. “I’ll put the aluminum bat, you know the one you wanted when you were going to learn how to play baseball?”

She rolled her eyes at me.

“I’ll put the bat next to the door. If you see that thing again just swing at it.”

She went to her room, probably to text to all her friends about how mean I was. I was tired of being her friend. It might not be the right time. It might be too late, but I would have to do some belt-tightening, which meant I would probably have to start selling off her things as well as ours. It was a head desk moment. Why did I buy a fourteen year old girl a smart phone?

There was a scream from her room. I ran and saw her white legs sliding under the bed and disappearing. I tried to grab her, but she was gone. Her smart phone was on the bed with a very clear picture of an alien with almond-shaped eyes.

When I tried to call the police that my daughter was kidnapped by aliens, they hung up on me.

I am putting together a rescue party to climb through the portal under my daughter’s bed. Want to come?