Free Short Fiction Monday – Locked in my head

“Knock, knock,” the German tinged voice echoed in my head. I looked around the library trying to pinpoint where the voice was coming from. It had to be close because the voice seemed to be right next to my ear.

I had started a technical college this year because it had been almost two years now since I had been able to get a job with my history degree. I had re-looked at my priorities – I needed money to feed, clothe, and house myself – and decided that I needed a new career. I had to have a PhD in history to teach in the academic world, but the money had run out.

“Knock, knock,” the voice sounded impatient this time.

I could feel a headache start behind my eyes. I closed them for a moment.

A man, I think it was a man, in full Vlad costume stood in my mind’s eye.

“About time,” he lisped. I could see the fangs hanging past his lips.

I opened my eyes. There was no one looking at me in the library and no one standing in front of me either.

I closed my eyes again. If a man in such a ridiculous outfit could look angry, this man could. I wanted to laugh.

“Let me out of here,” he said.

“Where?” I asked. I was pretty curious by that time.

“Your dreams,” he sniffed. “The dreams are boring. No men slipping through to slip you kisses. No, fighting. No blood. No death. You dream of sleeping. Get me out of here.”


“Open the door. I am locked in here.”

What the heck. I thought of a door and he walked through with a sniff.

There was no “I vill be back,” or any other saying that I expected from his accent.

Sigh. Maybe I missed my calling. Maybe I should spice up my life and become a writer. I went back to my books to study about how to troubleshoot a computer.