Free Fiction Monday – Super Healthcare

I stretched as the silky lustrous 1200 count Egyptian cotton weave stroked my skin. I sighed and snuggled into my pillow, wonder what had wakened me from such a dream of warm water and beautiful girls.

“Doctor, doctor,” the voice was small and insistent.

I tried to capture that dream, but the voice cut through all of my efforts. I sat up and looked towards the door.

The door was open, but I couldn’t see the person with the voice. A shadow peeked around the door and then hid again behind it. My first thought was “what are you doing in my bedroom?” I had just finished my internship and was now a doctor. After a glorious week of catching up on my sleep, I would be working in the ER.

“What do you want?” It was understandable that I was a little annoyed.

A gray shape slid out an arm, the rest of its body hidden. “Doctor, I think I have a rash. You know when you had oak doors instead of these poly-blended doors, I would have no problem hiding behind the door until it was time to scare children who are falling asleep.”

I blinked my eyes. I tried to pinch myself. Was I awake or asleep? Was I listening to a boogie-man? I squinted my eyes.

The little gray arm trembled as I climbed out of bed and grabbed the little being’s arm. It looked like a human arm only smaller and gray. It was the perfect camouflage for hiding in the shadows in closets or under the bed.

The arm had red blotches on the skin, probably he was allergic to these poly-blended doors. “Is your entire body like this?”

“Only where my arms carry the door, doctor,” the voice softened.
I reached for some cream that would help his allergy. “Put this on every four hours,” I said. The being thanked me profusely and in seconds the door and the arm was gone.

So that is how I became the doctor to the supernatural world. Who knew they needed health care.