I’m baaaaaack


Young hawk sitting in a tree near our house in Jan. 2008.

Well, I am back at my comfortable nest here. I did have another blog in another site that will not be named here, but it wouldn’t let some of my friends and internet buddies follow. So here I am enjoying the view.

The picture was taken in 2008 in a tree that is now long gone. I was standing on my balcony only six to eight feet away from the bird.

Even though I don’t get to do many things any more, my life is still exciting. So come visit. I will get back into writing after six months of ill health. Maybe a few pictures as well. The hubby is an excellent photographer.

4 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaack

    • Thanks William– I haven’t had the heart lately to write stories– I do go through cycles. 😉 And then back to stories and it will be harder to write poetry.

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