Death Comes

The hawk tucks his wings
extends his claws
and dives towards
the unsuspecting quail —

The fat-bodied quail
pecks the dirt
wails to his family
prepares for winter —

One dive, one beak, one claw
blood spurts
the quail’s head snaps —

Next dive, the dead fat-bodied quail
rests in the claws of the hawk,
winged to a nest, high in a fir —

Unlike the quail
the fear of the unknown
saves us from the hunt —

Sometimes in the deep night,
the shivers come, the pain strikes —
Sometimes we are only one meal,

one drink from our physical end.
The shadow covers us all–

Death comes
not as a quail, but as a hawk.

2 thoughts on “Death Comes

    • TY William– We had hawks around here about two years ago. They were raising some chicks– and of course they depleted the quail population. I have seen death in the animal world before– however, this was right out my window. 😉

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