Mayhem at the Mule Valley Well

West of Mule Valley
there was a small well
that was fed by an aquifer

for miles around
there was no other water
so we’d share this small well
with our neighbors and friends

until one day
he came to Mule Valley
his gun was slung
on the side of his hip

His hair was slicked back
he brought poker and gambling
and wanted the water
in the Mule Valley well

No single man or woman
could stand against him
he was quick on the draw
and had killed many men

But put us together
with rifles and shotguns
he left right quick
from our little small town

He poisoned our minds
and we started to fight
for the water, the land
and the rights

The ten men in our town
were battered and bruised
and were nagged by the women
for dresses and jewels

So finally we left
with my wife and my kids
we were grateful to leave
with our lives

The mayhem and fighting
had reached such lengths
that the well had been
damaged and salted.

Only one other man
survived Mule’s Valley well
he was never again
right in the head

He wandered the world
with a whiskey in hand
and told of the day
he lost his family and land

Water is gold
in the desert, my man
without it we die in the sun

If you must live in desert
under bright blasting sun
make sure that you own
enough water.

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