I have been writing hard–ly

I have been writing Moon Curser in a nanowrimo race and hit a snag. Yep, I hit the week two blues and the last two days I have been washing clothes rather than sitting here and staying at my word processing program.

My inner editor “bitch” has been yelling at me that I haven’t been describing my characters, the settings, or the tech enough. Plus I don’t have enough underpants to last until the end of the month. Then I had a day of migraine from the weather changes. We are in the middle of the changes between autumn and winter. Then I had a day of illness – burping and nausea. I should call it a national day of illness.

So that is the state of my writing.

This morning I woke from a dream where I was in an art show. I had one painting done, and I was really close to assembling three other pieces. I had 25 minutes to get them fully assembled. It was a mess when I realized that people were lining at the door and I couldn’t find scissors or glue. Pieces of my exhibit were missing.

So yea, I got spanked with my mind. *sigh

Back to writing today.

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