Dark Moon Rising – first draft

dark moon risingA couple of years ago I finished the first novel in a three part set of EJ Hunter’s World. She Called It, Wolf was about EJ Hunter who had been an Army veteran that found out her werewolf heritage. She meets Adam, and saves some children from a group of scientists who were using the children’s genes to make a super-warrior with werewolf genes.

Due to illness and other problems, I didn’t finish this book when I should have about a year later. So I have it one the schedule to finish this year. It starts with Owen (Adam’s second) who leaves the pack to find the geneticist who is experimenting with the pack’s DNA. Plus EJ has become the diplomat to the werecats. This should be fun– I am hoping anyway.

Thanks for reading–

On another note, I am slowing down my poetry to one a week. At the end of the year, I will put together another chapbook. Also I will keep up the short story effort.

As for my health, I will keep it together as much as I can.

Hope you have a good New Year.

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