Flu and changing goals

So my hubby came home with the flu on Monday evening. About half the people at his work were vomiting and also had to go home. If you know that I have a chronic illness, then you know where this is going. Yes, I have it, too.

Last night I would wake up every two to three hours and cough my lungs up. I would wipe the goo from my mouth, tried not to vomit, and fall asleep. Also I have been having some foot problems as well. It feels like someone is repeatedly stabbing the ball of my right foot with a huge knife. Yes, I have to get all my problems at once– I just wouldn’t be me if my problems weren’t spread out throughout the year.

And so it goes.

I do know that I do get these severe problems with illness. If those around me get sick, I am pretty much going to get sick too. That’s what happens when you have a lowered immune system.

So my goals were set in routines and subroutines. When I get my foot and lungs (sounds like a serious disease –foot and mouth) then I start my daily routine and writing routine again. So at this time I am not exercising and I am not writing fiction. Because fiction uses the same part of the brain that gets stomped on when I take cold medicine.

Hopefully I’ll be back in fighting shape again on Monday. Have a great weekend folks.

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