Break a leg

I am getting a little superstitious about talking about my writing. Whenever I write about my projects, I get the flu, or get gout, or something else. I have found that it is hard for me to write when I am on certain medications or even when I am in enough pain to warrant a pain pill.

Last year was the least amount of writing that I have done in the last five years. It felt like many of my dreams came true i.e. asked to teach a class at the community college, but when I tried to execute, I would get sick. I had two fairly bad infections last year. After a month fighting one of the infections, I realized that if I taught a group of people, I would be exposed to all kinds of germs and infections. I wasn’t doing so well when I was just exposed to two new people so I sadly gave up that dream. It was a dream I had had since I earned my BA in English in 2001.

I finally made a break from the editing I was doing for a web content site. I think that leached a lot of my creativity for a low amount of money.

Instead of writing last year (I did get out a poetry chapbook called Outside My Window if you like poetry), I crocheted and knitted while watching Netflix. It was relaxing and I am proud to say that I still got it when it comes to those crafts. Plus I cross-stitched.

Also I did get new reading glasses. They have been very helpful when I was cross-stitching. It also corrected my astigmatism.

So what did I learn again last year? I learned that people make me sick, that I need to get back into writing my novels and short stories, and life is what you make of it.

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