The Green Knight

One of my exercises with the workshop with Dean Wesley Smith was to write an opening using Wilhelm’s law and a title that Dean provided. If you are looking into an online workshop to hone your creative writing skills, I suggest Dean’s workshops. I have taken two and have learned skills that will help me write better.

Here is an excerpt of that opening:

The super-white flying van with the green logo, The Green Knight Terraforming Company, zipped over the tree and landed on pavement in front of a large warehouse. I stepped out of the van, wearing my company clothes—khaki trousers, white polo shirt with a green knight logo on the pocket.

A short, dwarfish wrinkled humanoid waited for me to reach the warehouse. As soon as I reached smelling distance, a strong cheese-like smell, wafted from the humanoid. I pressed a button to turn off my smeller. At the same time the brie taste disappeared from my mouth. I coughed and little and strode toward the humanoid.

“Zrkaffv, thsst prrrtt,” the humanoid started speaking. I assumed it was male although it was fully clothed because of the low voice. Once again I adjusted a knob next to my ear so that my translator worm would work. At the end of the knob, a small hammer knocked the worm into the right dialect.

The humanoid began speaking again and I almost wished I couldn’t understand it. “You’re terraforming didn’t work,” he whined.

So I now have a character who is bugging me day and night to get his story written. This one is a short. Plus he keeps telling me that we will have a long and fruitful career of terraforming the universe so that we can spread humanity throughout the stars. Did he say seed the stars? I think I am hearing garble now– My ear worm must be malfunctioning.

5 thoughts on “The Green Knight

  1. Do you really have an ear worm? This professor doesn’t think a workshop could help him he’s too far gone…

    • My green knight gave me the loan of one for cough cough for translation purposes. They are delicate and very stubborn–

      Workshops are for everyone who want to write fiction– Dean is great plus he also wrote a lot of the Star Trek novels. Amateur and pro can get good insights from him. I sound like a paid advertisement lol

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