Nature and writing inspiration

Somewhere in the north of our small city, a rooster crows long and loud from six ’til nine in the morning. Or maybe he crows longer, but because of the children playing in the field behind the apartment complex next to a small seventh day Adventist elementary school, I just don’t hear him.

It is what happens when you live in a rural city. The trees may have a red-tailed hawk in the tips, looking down at the bread-box, a small field filled with rodents. Or an owl may wake you at three in the morning by hooting in your window.

You may sit at one of the casino windows at breakfast and watch a coyote teach a pup how to cross a four lane highway. That the pup needs to look left, right, and then left before crossing.

We even saw a vulture circling down to a kill, but waved off by a raven, whose eyes were too big for its stomach. Eventually the raven hopped away and a pair of vultures filled their bellies on a small deer.

In the woods around some small cities in Oregon, if you drive at night you should go slow. Small deer the size of a large dog will congregate in the crossroads. They will circle your car if you stop and push their noses into the windows to see if you have anything good to eat. If you get out of your car, they will scatter like little dandelion seeds blown by the wind.

Nothing calms me down more (yea, I seem to have nerves on high alert all the time) than going to the park and watching the red-shafted flickers as they float down to the ground. Don’t notice them or they will fly away. The flickers are very shy.

So if you read my stories and find that I added some of these animals and places in my stories, don’t be surprised. I like nature, as long as I don’t have to live there.

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