Getting my netbook back in shape

I originally bought my Samsung N210 (netbook) so that I had a computer when I was traveling and writing on the go. I had a few problems when I tried to run McAfee Internet Security Suite and InDesign. InDesign could load, but it couldn’t run. So after I uninstalled it, my Internet Security Suite took all of the netbooks resources and whenever I turned on the netbook, it would sit there for hours either getting updates from everyone or just booting. It became a brick.

Yesterday, I decided that I would take off all the unnecessary programs (only have office and maybe a browser) plus go for free virus scanner (Avast) and firewall (Private firewall). When I tried to uninstall McAfee, it had a breakdown, but it did stop the program. With the new virus scanner and firewall, I finally had a netbook that actually worked although it was slow compared to my desktop.

See, I really enjoy going to Starbucks a few times a month, write, and drink coffee and eat snacks. It is a nice break from my time housebound. Plus the netbook is lighter than a laptop, which with my deteriorating muscles from chemo– a lighter netbook is just easier for me.

So back to the computer quest. I tried to uninstall other programs that were taking a lot of my resources. Of course, it wouldn’t uninstall– I guess I’m not supposed to be computer savvy. Seriously I want a word program, a browser, and that’s about it. All I need to write.

So I have spent two days, getting the computer to work again — all software related– and probably a few viruses that slipped through the bloatware.

If I get this in shape this weekend, I may get a little time at Starbucks– I know a great place that has soft chairs…

It’s just like old times when I repaired computers on the bench.

3 thoughts on “Getting my netbook back in shape

  1. Ah, computers. When they’re working, all is well.

    When they’re not, we’re muttering choice words under our breath that would horrify the Sisters of Little Or No Mercy.

    • I do have some experience lol over ten years (Navy and civilian repair)… however, software can really screw up a computer… and I used to deal with hardware and NOT software 😉 Besides my choice words are Navy approved. *wink

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