It’s Monday and accounting time

So by the end of last week, my novel Perchance to Dream and short story The Green Knight Terraforming Company were written, edited, covered, and indie published on Amazon and Smashwords. It was a great two weeks. I can’t report the same for this week.

Hilda’s Inn for Retired Heroes has been edited to Chapter Nine, which means I not quite halfway through the book. My new Green Knight story, A Second Chance, has the opening written. I just need to sit my butt in the chair and write the next sentence.

I shoulda, coulda, woulda done more writing, BUT I was dealing with computer problems again. Every time I get a good run in my writing I get sick, get a computer virus, or something else that needs my full attention happens. (car, disease, you name it). Since I am not a good multi-tasker (I need a good run on a project), when my attention gets distracted, I lose focus. I try to work around it by taking breaks so that I can be rested enough for writing.

The excuse for this week was that I had heart palpitations when one of my scanning programs found a Trojan. It might have been a false positive. Even so I went into repair my computer (and software) mode. I was talking to Major Geeks and others. If you ever have problems with serious malware or even want to know how to keep your computer clean, go to Major Geeks. They have some good material about what free programs are good (and what programs you need) to keep your computer running well.

Anyway, after I finished scanning my main computer, I went into my fix it mode with my netbook in the post Getting my netbook back in shape. So that took a lot of my creative energy.

So back on track. My sights are set. Ready, Set, Go.

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