Some days I just want to write a little poem

Promotion Thursday is here again– yes, I just named it.

Before I wrote fiction and personal essays, I wrote poetry. I used to edit my grandfather’s poetry when I was a tween. I have always thought that my family’s musical talent came out of me through my poetry. Sometimes when I don’t write, I will start to make new poems in my sleep.

So creative energy must be drained some way when you have an excess of it.

Here is one of my early poems:


The trees as they show their new growth on each branch,
The wind on my face and the clouds as they dance.
The gladness I feel as I race down the street
Like a child that’s been given a wondrous treat.

Each beautiful thing that the world shows to me;
A sunset, a flower, or mysterious sea
Brings awe and wonder to my open heart
And I’m thankful to be in a beautiful part—

Of God’s creation.

Written in 1986.

  • Here is a more recent poem:


    Green tips touch blue sky
    a trunk’s red-roughened bark
    lean into your strength
    my father’s calloused fingers
    wipe the tears from my blue eyes

    Published in Outside my Window in 2013

  • Today I want to bring to attention some poetry chapbooks that I have published in the last few years.

    Outside my windowOutside my Window:

    This chapbook contains twenty poems written in 2013 about a small apartment complex in Carson City, Nevada. The poems are an assortment of  haikus, tanka, pantoum, and free verse.

  • Sonnet Playground coverSonnet Playground:

    Since 2000, when I started reading Shakespeare, I have been reading and writing sonnets. Sometimes I try to hold strictly to the form and other times, I play with rhyme and meter. If you can’t play, then why write them?

    Anyway, you are invited to read and play with me.

  • flicker of hope ecoverA Flicker of Hope:

    Poems written by a Wegener’s Granulomatosis Survivor

    In January 2003, I spent five weeks in a German hospital after my kidneys failed. It took two weeks for the doctors to diagnose me with a vasculitis disease called Wegener’s Granulomatosis. These poems express what I feel about having a rare chronic illness.

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