Erika T. Red – Norse New Adult Fantasy

I decided to promote one of my older ebooks today. This one came to me when I was in the middle of chemo and high prednisone. What sparked this story is when my hubby and I where driving home from breakfast and saw a big dog in the middle of the road.

We stopped and talked to the dog for a while, until it trotted off down the road to go home. The dog had seem scared at first. I am a little fey (knobbed in the head) when I am on prednisone so from that encounter and then watching a strawberry blonde in a bookstore with her friends: young and feckless, I had the first elements of the story.

One of the stories in our family is that my mother’s side of the family is a branch off of Eric the Red. Since at least one of my brothers has red hair when he tries to grow a scraggly beard and he’s a blonde, I do believe that story. Plus the famous temper from that line (Eric left because he killed someone in a rage) runs through my line although I hope that I and others in the family who have the berserker line have better control of the temper.

The other element to this story is Odin and Loki or the supernatural side. I have always been fascinated with the occult and fate. I fight to have freedom and independence of movement and thought, but fate hits me every few years. In Erika T Red, Odin has a fate and he is trying to stop his fate by using a descendent so he can stay physical in the world.

I don’t know how well I pulled off the story. I was slightly off my head from chemo and story at the time.

So here is where you can find Erika T. Red– contemporary fantasy and new adult novel:

Erikatredebook smashwords  Erika T. Red: Erika is a normal girl, trying to save money for college when she walks into her destiny in the form of a wolf, raven, and a dying god. She learns life is not fair, but it can have some benefits along the way.

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