Tales of the Bed Again

The Tales of the Bed were my way of coping with an extremely dangerous disease. The post from last week is here. So I am back with last tales.

The Annoying Machine that goes Bing

This reporter after much investigation of the facts has concluded that hospitals (German hospitals especially) are full of annoying machines that go “bing”. Fortunately, this reporter has not been wired to one of these machines for several days, but she can live vicariously through her roommate because her roommates’s monitor likes to go off when this reporter drops off to sleep.

Ah well, who said that you needed sleep in a hospital?

Signing off From the Edge of the Bed

Feeling Better

This reporter is bored. She has begun to fill her days with exercise, sleep, then eat, sleep and watch a movie, sleep. The days have become routine. Even the mad dash to the ‘hemo-freeze’ 3 times a week has become routine.

This reporter is amazed that even the unusual can eventually become normal.

Signing off From the Edge of the Bed

Blood Pressure

This reporter is happy to report that her blood pressure or ‘blutdruck’ is in the normal range. But her normal ranges from 140/70 to 190/90. NEver fear. This reporter, always willing to get answers, asked if this varying blood pressure was a problem to her health.

The answer? When the kidneys start to work, they sometimes become violent.

Signing off from the Edge of the Bed


Here is another fine adventure from your fearless reporter in getting sick at the hospital. And your reporter volunteered for three days of the stomach flu. Her reward? A bottle of saline solution.

This reporter just saw one of the nurses run to the bathroom and heard loud noises. So, nurses get to volunteer, too.

Signing off From the Edge of the Bed

Bed Pans

In the early days of her sickness, this reporter had a close encounter with bed pan ettiquette. Since she was forced to lay flat for 24-hours, she learned a few secrets. One, the bed pan is always cold. This secret must be a law of physics. Two, when the cold pan hits your butt, you don’t need to go anymore. And three, never waste your nurses’ time. She might decide you need the bed pan more often.

Signing off From the Edge of the Bed

This next update is not technically from the Edge of the Bed, but an update on my health. I was in kidney failure during most of the time I was in the hospital.

Weekend Off

I heard that some of you were wondering if I would eventually get out of the hospital. Well, my doctors are cautiously optimistic that if my kidneys stay stabilized I might go home next week.

I had my last “plasma exchange” Friday.
And, my doctors will not do any more of the dialyses procedure (I have had three of them) since my kidneys have started to function. They are still weak.

I am told that the doctors will tailor my treatment for the next two years to my circumstances. I may have to have a low dosage of chemo-therapy… I have had two procedures. And, I am on steroids. So watch out brothers.

My energy levels are great although not what I am used to having. I was told that it takes 6-12 months to recover. The doctors are sure that I will recover to a life with NO limitations.

This news is the lastest from the “horse’s mouth.”


These last two were written by my husband. I add them here to show how he was trying to keep things together during this hard time.

A Life of Cyn

Cyn is doing good. Her numbers are heading down in all areas. Her blood pressure is a bit high but they say that is to be expected. It has been popping up to the 180/90 area. Part of the problem is that she doesn’t sit still much.

She got the package from home with all the photos today. So I left her with that. She was going through it trying to identify everyone as I left.


Might get Cyn out of jail this week. She was talking to the doctors this morning and depending on the blood work they will remove the catheter from her neck today. Then keep her a day to see if she maintains.

If no problems then I’ll get her back on Wednesday. Plan to take the rest of the week off after I get her out ‘just in case’. That will give me 4 or 5 days to make sure she is up to speed.

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