Living in the desert – collection of short stories

So it is promotion Thursday once again. I am surprised that it has come by so quickly. For the state of the writer, I am finishing the last chapter and then letting it sit for a month before doing a full read-through. Then I will be asking for Beta readers. In April I am planning on trying Camp Nano with a few friends. I will be writing shorts to add to my sci-fi collection of “The Green Knight Terraforming” world. The main character will find out what happens when a client can’t continue paying for the terraforming product.

As for the rest of WIP, I will be working on In the Valley of Shadow (working title). I think I will be looking for a new name for that book. Plus I need to add my Tales from the Bed to my medical biography about being diagnosed with a rare and possibly fatal Vasculitis disease.

So here is Living in the Desert and an excerpt:

Living in the desert collection ebook cover“Living in the Desert” is a collection of ten short stories about the high desert. The collection contains the following stories: “A Desert Rescue,” “Firestorm,” “That Day,” “It’s All About Survival,” “The Grotto,” “Road Rage,” “In the Time of Water,” “The Scorpion’s Voice,” “An Alien Encounter,” and “Whispers in the Wind.”

The author grew up in the high desert of Utah, where T.V.’s were uncommon and every one had a favorite story.

Excerpt from Firestorm:

If you had ever met Jude, you would know immediately from his tanned leather boots to his tanned wrinkled face that he was a “desert rat” and had spent most of his adult life under the harsh sun. His jeans molded over his hips and down to his boots. His plaid shirt was tucked into his pants, which was secured by a leather belt. His ball cap brim shaded his blue eyes that seemed to look into the distance.

Jude was standing in the parking lot by his spotted white and gray Dodge truck and was sucking on a cancer stick. As the ashes fell to the pavement, he ground the red glowing ones with his foot. You couldn’t be too careful when the winter had been this dry. One spark and the entire State would go up in flames.

Once he finished his cigarette, he ground it out in his ashtray and put the stub into his pocket. He walked through the sliding glass doors of the Wal-Mart superstore.

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