An Alien Encounter from Living in the Desert

Here is one of the short stories from Living in the Desert. As I was going back through this short story collection, I remembered that I was going to write mores shorts about Jude, the desert rat. Jude is a compilation of men I have known and met who love the desert the same way certain sailors love the ocean. They are explorers and in another time would have been the trappers and gold miners.

The story I am sharing today is another aspect of living in Nevada near Area 51. Aliens. And the people who love them.

An Alien Encounter

The reporters surged around Bud Henderson as he chewed his tobacco and then spit it out on the ground. The reporters scuttled backwards. But each one of them had a gleam in his and her eyes. This report would be the one of the century. This one would make their careers.

Bud pulled his straw cowboy hat down over his eyes and watched them. They looked like vultures flying around a dead animal. He had told his friends that they wouldn’t want to make their entrance so public especially when there were so many nuts out there. He spit again just to watch the reporters scuttle. But his friends insisted.

He finally decided to at least say something to the folks even though he knew he didn’t like any of them. “Folks,” he said. “Folks, I have lived near Area 51 my entire life.” He paused. “And I have been friends with a lot of strange folks from strange places. Now these folks want to meet you.” The cameras went off with a click, click, click.

“Thisa way,” he pointed to a hill. The reporters looked at him as if he were crazy. He wanted them to walk through the dirt, cactus, and weeds to see aliens?

“I can see aliens on my own time,” muttered one reporter. Soon one then two of the reporters left. They reported that it was another hoax by another crazy.

But the rest who remained followed Bud through the desert about a mile until they reached a tin saucer about 6 inches in diameter. Out popped green aliens less than an inch tall.

“Them’s the aliens.” Bud pointed and walked away as the reporters asked question after question from the tiny green aliens. Finally the aliens jumped into the saucer and FLASH. The reporters wandered around asking each other why they were in this desert patch. Soon the small saucer hovered over Bud’s head. It blinked a couple of times.

“I told you, they’s crazy,” he said. “What do you expect. Them’s big city folks.”

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