In the Shadow of Death – Update

shadow cover After I published the Tales of the Bed here, I realized that I needed to put them into my medical biography In the Shadow of Death: Reflections on a Chronic Illness.

I wrote the original ebook for other people who had had the disease. It surprised me when I had folks write to me about having the disease or having similar experiences with other diseases.

Having a disease that robs you of time and the control of your body and mind is an undignified disease. Most diseases are undignified and it takes a lot of courage and sheer pigheadedness to survive the disease, medications, procedures, and doctors.

It is time to update the book. When I was writing it, it was a shortened version that other people who were in the middle of the indignities understood. Now I am trying to put in more experiences around the indignities. Plus it has helped that I have a lot of my mind back. When I was in the middle of getting the disease under control, I couldn’t access many memories. It is scary to be cut off from the experiences that make you a person.

The picture on the cover is me about three months into the disease. I was taking 100 mg prednisone daily and 1400 mg of IV Cytoxan every four weeks. You can see how my face and abdomen are rounded from prednisone usage. My kidneys were failing so I was pretty thin even though the double chin. Plus I was so weak that when I stood up, I would either fall or faint.

So Yes, I will keep this image on the cover, but I will probably change the font and size of the lettering.

I think it will take me a few weeks to get the update done.

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