Busy bee

So as many of you know this is NaPoMo (National Poetry Month). Last year I wrote a poem a day for April. This year I have been invited to a private form through Autumn Sky Poetry. The editor, Christine Klocek-Lim, used to belong to the same poetry group in 2004. This group published a chapbook together. Christine also wrote a review on my poetry chapbook A Flicker of Hope: Poems written by a Granulomatosis Survivor.

Next I was invited to work with a group in Camp Nano. I don’t expect to write 50,000 words. I do want to write a good number of words on my next few stories and maybe have something publishable in the next few months.

As I hinted yesterday, the hubby is having symptoms and the doctors haven’t found a cause. He is still working, but I worry.

Lastly, I am going to continue working on my medical biography. I have added more personal stories of my diagnosis. I have also added “Tales from the Bed,” and done some rearranging. I want to edit more, add more, and add a section about fighting my disease the last few years.

So I have a lot of fun and work a head of me with a mixture of worry. Very much like my life.

Here is the first poem I published in 1985 in an anthology:


The Old Tree

What a beautiful old tree,
I thought;
Clothed in ivy with new
green leaves
Scattered through the old
red ones.


How like my own life–
Clothed in beauty with
new hope
Scattered among the
old dreams.

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