The Case of the Golden Seed – novelette

This particular story “The Case of the Golden Seed” was written when I was in the middle of writing a biology report on cats. I had to research a lot about how cats reacted to people and other animals in their environment. I did a lot of study of the biology of cats and how they communicate.

Then I wrote a prediction on how my friend’s cats would react to my presence the first time. So while I was writing this report, by the way it was an A paper, I was dreaming about a rat. A certain rat.

When I am in the middle of a huge important term paper, my brain will escape by calling out to my muse and have my muse distract me with new poems. This time it really went out of its way by presenting me with a hard-nosed rat who was on a mission to find the golden seed and rescue a female rat. Plus I had to research a little about rats just to tell the story.

the-case-of-the-golden-seed-ecoverThe Case of the Golden Seed:

A hard-nosed detective rat gets his whiskers into trouble when he investigates the disappearance of a golden seed and a rat female. His nemesis is Mr. Big Teeth, a rat-boss. This one is fun in a ratty sort of way.

Excerpt from The Case of the Golden Seed:

As a respectable member of the ratus family, I spend much of my time roaming. Ya think our females and kits can take care of themselves? Yes? Well, that’s why you’re the smucks and we’re the rats. So I spend a lot of time protecting our females and kits from the destabilizing influence of juvenile males looking for love, or to be blunt, looking for females in heat.

But, that day, the day she sauntered in my space, I had taken a day off from my duties. She slinked in, her whiskers and velvet nose close against the ground, sniffing my sign, a sign that said in rat-scent language “any time, any where, we arrange all your party’s needs.” I gazed in ad-mir-a-tion. She was one prime specimen of female rathood.

She took her time, sniffing my nest and checking my storage supplies. Wow. Hot stuff. Then she said, “Sir Rat, I want to hire you.”


“I said, I want to hire you.”

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