If you should chose this mission-2 Friday excerpt

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Ms. Frigg ignored my exclamation and greeted the group, “Thanks for coming. It is a dangerous mission, but you guys are the only ones that can do it.”

Shit, I thought. Here we go again. But even if the female was Ms. Frigg, the most dangerous female in the galaxy, I couldn’t refuse her. What would my mother say?   Beginning here.

Still I cleared my throat. All eyes turned toward me even the ear worm quit drinking and jumped up and down, presumably to stop me from saying my next words. “Why would I help you, when you just fired me?”

All matter of foam flew across the table– interesting, Ms. Frigg was the only one there who was still beer, or juice free when the snorting and spitting stopped.

She gave me that look. The one that women have been giving men for generations. I didn’t try to interpret the look, I just knew she was going for the throat.

Then she smiled. If it the thought that she was Ms. Frigg the most dangerous woman in the galaxy hadn’t been burned in my back brain, I would have been lost. Her pearly teeth winked at me.

Then she spoke with that dryness that made me want to wince. “The mission? The important mission that I need you to go on– Tiny.”

“Joe,” I mumbled under my breath.

“Tiny,” she repeated. Oh dang, she heard me. “Some roaches have landed on the quarantined planet. You, buddy boy, will get to go home.”

I think my heart sunk to my stomach and then onto the floor. Oh yes, I wanted to go home. But roaches? They were the scariest, most intelligent, insects in the galaxy, cosmo, whatever.

They ate everything. They weren’t the benign cockroaches of earth origin. Oh no, they were bigger, almost human size, and with ferocious appetites. They ate anything in their way. The only reason I could think of that they would go to Earth was to breed more roaches.

Once they settled in, they were almost impossible to get rid of– somewhat like cockroaches.

“I accept,” I said quickly as if I had a choice.

I really hated it when Ms. Frigg smiled like that. It meant that I hadn’t gotten the whole story… again.

continued next Friday


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