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8a5d8-chickadee-2I have been sorting clothes into plastic tubs and space bags this morning. I want to get the heavy thermals and sweaters out of my sight as I pull out my colorful T-shirts. I do have some lighter sweaters to wear in this season. Since spring here is quick and is gone into the summer heat, I wear them when I can.

Last week I finished editing my medical biography. The new update is now on Amazon and Smashwords. I am sure that you’ll find the new update on Barnes & Nobel soon. I have been starting a quest on writing a cozy mystery. I am an extreme panster. (The auto-correct tried to change it to punster– I do like puns too… but I am not extreme about it.) Being an extreme panster, it is harder for me to use a plot. I have tried plotting. It feels like fingers and toes are missing. I might do a quick sketch of what I want to accomplish since I am not used to writing mysteries. I found that the ideas I have been researching have either been boring or I already know. I have read a lot of mysteries before my illness so the genre is not a mystery to me.

So more writing and less angsting about the best way to write a cozy. I just gotta do it. I am thinking of making my main character a real estate agent… or maybe someone like my brother’s last wife who liked to look at houses even though she wasn’t going to buy one. She would go house shopping every Saturday.

Also, I need a side-kick. I am thinking of a dog. I was going to go off of a short short that I wrote a few years back, but it wasn’t flowing. I will have to start with fresh characters in a fresh town. So wish me luck.

On the side I will be looking at the Valley of Shadow– still looking for a new name for the book. It will be a time travel desert type style of book. I Put an excerpt of it here a few weeks ago.

So still hard at work–

By the way Perchance to Dream is up in Amazon, Smashwords, and B&N. It is about two women who are opposites in many ways, who are fighting against a demonic evil that is working towards taking over the world and tainting the innocents.

I have taken up the challenge to write for NaPoMo (National Poetry Month) with a forum so the poems won’t be published here this time. If I get them published with a journal, I will let you’all know here.

So that is what I am up to– if you like my stories and novels, please get one– I need money to pay for medications. The chemo isn’t cheap. 🙂

If you can’t, well you can’t. Keep writing.

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