So it is Tax Day again

I did my taxes a month ago for good reason. First, I had all the tax papers–W-2s, receipts, royalty payments, etc. by then. Second, if I don’t do it a month early, I forget and then I am in that sheer terror of time, trying to get the paperwork done.

I don’t know about you, but I am very suspicious of how the paperwork goes to the IRS through wireless means now, especially since the heartbleed virus has been found. For two years hackers could (and probably did) watch every transaction on the internet on the secure networks.

Plus after watching the mess of the health care, (I get a first seat view because of my disease) I am less impressed than ever with federal government intervention.

I don’t mind paying for infrastructure like roads. I want to draw the line at paying for the propagandization of children and the mistakes of drug addicts. It bothers me that people with my disease and other auto-immune diseases are being denied benefits, but drug addicts or recovering drug addicts get all benefits. It makes me wonder about the policies of the people in charge.

Personally I like freedom. If there wasn’t a punishment for not having approved health insurance, I would have liked paying a reasonable amount for services rendered without using insurance. Except, nothing is reasonable anymore. Suing doctors (and some of them have been incompetent) has caused the insurance to rise, which makes the health costs rise.

Maybe one day we will be free again to make our own choices. It is a nice dream.

2 thoughts on “So it is Tax Day again

    • Oh yea– knowing that it could have been fixed earlier doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies. 😉 Of course, I wonder how it is affecting our taxes as well. *sigh I bet you wonder too.

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