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intheshadownewYesterday, my landlady read the second edition of In the Shadow of Death. When she accepted the book to read, she had been interested in an academic way. The next day after she read it, she admitted that there were places in the narration that she cried. It reminded her of when her husband had become ill.

He was also between 41 and 42. Plus he was told that he would die in two years, now seventeen years later he has problems, but he is still alive and surviving.

I think the main message of the book is that you need a “will to live” if you want to survive. It isn’t fun or easy.


In January 2003 I spent two weeks in a German hospital before I was diagnosed with Wegener’s Granulomatosis. This collection contains my journey through a chronic illness. This ebook was written as remembrance for Vasculitis month (May) and to all of those people who have lived with and died from a chronic illness.

Updated Second Edition in 2014.


Also, you can get In the Shadow of Death and A Flicker of Hope combined in a trade paperback:




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