If you should choose this mission III – Friday excerpt

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“I accept,” I said quickly as if I had a choice.

I really hated it when Ms. Frigg smiled like that. It meant that I hadn’t gotten the whole story… again.

I should have known better than to match wits with Ms. Frigg. She was smarter and had that cunning going for her. I was the troubleshooter and sometimes a repairman. Of course she could talk circles around me. Plus I was probably drunk.

So when Donald and I walked out of our white flying van without the normal “The Green Knight Terraforming Company” stickers on it, I expected the outburst.

“Is your whole planet like this?”

We were in an area not to far from Area 51, the US government’s research and experimental facility in the desert. It was mid-summer so we were past the spring greens and tender plants. The sage brush, cactus, and sticker bushes were brown and settled near the ground. The hills looked spotted from a distance. The bare dirt and rock could be seen through the browning bushes.

“No,” I trotted up the dirt road and as the oppressive heat hit my chest I slowed down to a walk and then a slow slow walk. Donald kept up with me. “I never asked,” I could hear Donald’s heavy breathing from behind me. “Do you have sweat glands?”

After searching in the underbrush and batting a few creosote bushes, I finally found a small camera. I put my face in front of the camera and said my identification number. Ms. Frigg had lined up some help for us since this mission was not under “official Green Knight business.”

Before the burrow opened, I heard Donald say, “no.”

Now if I had ever thought that the rabbits on my tech team were from my own home world, I would have shit my pants. They were smarter and more educated than the juveniles from my own species. Well, what the heck. A rabbit on its hind legs in a white lab coat was holding a door open. It was just big enough for Donald and I to crawl through.

“Well,” it said impatiently “Are you coming inside? Or are you planning to have heat stroke.”

Continued next Friday.

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